View Full Version : Need help choosing a new desktop computer

October 29th, 2008, 09:28 PM
I'm wanting to get a new computer, a desktop to be exact. Here are my requirements:

Price: No more than $500 w/shipping, not including monitor.
Monitor: Optional. I have a 15", but a newer 17" would be nice if the price is right.
Storage: No big drives necessary. I only occasionally listen to songs on youtube, and don't use lots of space otherwise.
Ram: I think a gig would suffice, hopefully with extra slots for future insurance.
Wifi: Already have a PCI wifi card (yes I use wifi on my desktop).
Drives: Got a CD and multi-burner on my machine which I will salvage.
Peripherals: Already got a Logitech Wave wireless, so no KB/Mouse needed.
Caveat: I would really prefer a quite(r) machine, as my room is pretty small and I can't stand the rattling of fans.
Video: See usage below.

Usage: I'm probably going to be spending 95% of the time on this computer in Firefox. This isn't going to be a development box, a server, or a gaming machine. Just a basic desktop with mostly default Ubuntu and a few uni/multiverse apps. The most intense things it will see is probably flash and maybe my terrible overuse of tabs in firefox (not uncommon to have 100+ tabs open at once).

My current computer is a desktop with a dying power supply. I can and have built computers in the past, but I've got other hobbies as of late which consume most of my disposable time. I will not be dual-booting; I use Ubuntu exclusively. Also while I would like a new monitor, I do have an older 15" LCD which I can use for now. I can save a few months and get the monitor later if need be, but not that I need to save a lot because I think $200 will be the limit on that, as I have other more important things to spend my disposable income on.

I won't be doing 3D gaming either, but I do have a 32" HDTV with HDMI inputs, among others, so it would be cool to hook the machine to that.