View Full Version : [all variants] Automatization (keyboard/mouse/GUI window control)

October 25th, 2008, 08:17 PM
In Windows I used to select any text with mouse (usually in browser, but occasionally in text editors), press preferred mouse button (my mouse got 7 buttons) and computer read me text aloud.

I switched to Linux. Installed text-to-speech and it actually works. Now I highlight text, press Ctrl+C, switch to TTS application by double clicking icon in systray, press Ctrl+A, Ctrl+V, Ctrl+F3(last one is a hotkey for reading text aloud), then minimize TTS window to tray or activate original window by clicking on it icon in the taskbar.

That is freaking inconvenient!

Is there an easy way to accomplish my task? Simple script that let me copy currently highlighted text into clipboard and then activate TTS application, clear/paste text into it and select menu item or just send Ctrl+F3 into it? And I would be totally OK with keyboard hotkey to run that script. At start at least.

P.S. During account registration forum software asked me: "How many ears does the average human have?" Sure, answer is three. Lets count: Left, Right and Inner one. But it somehow claimed answer was incorrect:confused: