View Full Version : Help re: GIMP + Tablet Pad scroll wheel & Mouse

October 19th, 2008, 10:20 PM
Wondering how to map the wacom (graphire 4) scroll wheel (either the mouse one of the one on the pad) to a GIMP shortcut? Or actually get the mouse working at all in GIMP?
Under [GIMP>Preferences>Input Devices>] Configure Extended Input Devices, I have "pad" enabled and everything else disabled. Enabling "Configured Mouse" doesn't do anything.

I'm trying to follow "GIMP Documentation || By programming the mouse wheel: [...Vary brush size...] " (http://docs.gimp.org/2.4/en/gimp-using-variable-size-brush.html)

However, my tablet scroll wheel and mouse never do anything in GIMP. (Maybe they're captured by compiz-fusion instead?).

This makes me sad because I see under GIMP>Preferences>Input Devices>Input Controllers>Main Mouse Wheel>..., lots of neat shortcuts.
Does the "Mouse Wheel" (vs. "Main Mouse Wheel") do something?

In summary: My wacom graphire 4 tablet stylus works perfectly in Ubuntu and GIMP. The tablet pad scroll wheel and the graphire 4 mouse and work in Ubuntu but NOT in GIMP. I don't care about the tablet pad "expresskeys" or whatever.
Any tips here to get my mouse or my tablet pad scroll wheel working? Thanks.

(Disclaimers: Yes, I did my google homework but I guess I can't find the right keywords. This isn't really an ubuntu question but too lazy to register on yet another site, yay laziness! And this is prob. the wrong subcategory for this thread, feel free to point me in the right direction; Support>Multimedia seems to be video-y stuff.)