View Full Version : First Impressions of 8.10

October 10th, 2008, 04:34 AM

Thanks everyone for 8.10, the only areas that I have seen any problems with are my Tuners (Dvico) and the networking, both problems are not Mythbunt specific but Linux in general, I have sorted the tuner problem and have a lead on how to sort the networking, in case someone else is having a problem, this is what I am seeing:
Backend is failing to start or the frontend can not find the back end as well as ssh etc failing, it is taking a long time for the ethernet network to connect, from what I can find on the net the recommendation is to uninstall the network manager which I will do tonight.

The other thing that I note is if you do not have a display resolution of greater than (guessing as I only have 848 x 480!) 800x 600 the bottom is missed of the Mythbuntu control center, it makes it very hard to hit next or ok, it would be very nice if there was a scroll bar on the control center.

many thanks

Lee McLaren