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October 6th, 2008, 06:49 PM
Not sure whether this is possible - new to Ubuntu/Linux and Google gives conflicting advice.

Is it possible to interconnect Evolution and (free) hotmail? At first I did not think this was possible - you can, via forwarding hotmail to something like Gmail, and connecting Evolution to Gmail but you need a subscription hotmail account. It appears this route is not possible with the free version.

There is some suggestion a possible solution is to use Freepop - I have downloaded/installed freepop but being a useless windows user I am struggling to access freepop to edit. Problem is not only am I struggling with the access/edit -not sure what the settings are or even it will work.

I really like Evolution - and the easiest thing is to persuade wife to change email account from (free) hotmail to gmail but there is some resistance. Is it possible to use Evolution to send/receive mail from (free) hotmail?

Rds (Determined to migrate from win to Linux)