View Full Version : 915resolution dropped from Intrepid? What about console users?

September 26th, 2008, 05:34 PM
I'm one of those "rediscovering the joy" of using the console for everyday needs, shunning the bloat and "needless complexity" of the GUI. I've been using uvesafb with 915resolution to get a nice 1400x900 console with my Intel 965 video chipset.

I just upgraded to Intrepid Ibex to test it out, and I see that the 915resolution package was obsoleted.

Originally, I was using ubuntu server and installed xubuntu desktop and fluxbox as an afterthought for when the console isn't enough.

Is it assumed that Ubuntu users ought not to use the virtual consoles anymore? Are we just supposed to be using the terminal emulators like gnome-terminal? I don't quite get it. Maybe I should get off the Internets and go find my DOS disks, but is this the way things are going with Ubuntu? Am I getting old? :cry: