View Full Version : Alpha 6 impressions

September 25th, 2008, 08:31 PM
I just ran the updates to get me up to speed and I am quite pleased. Video works once again thanks to xorg updates.

Unfortunately, I can't run video while compositing is on since DRI2 was pushed back, but I am quite happy without compositing.

My usplash no longer has a glitch that occurred when I had last upgraded it. Also, some of the missing icons in the kickoff menu have now been corrected, with the one exception of when Firefox is in the Favorites menu (but, for some reason, it does show up in the applications menu)

Programs are crashing to apport much less frequently. Earlier I would have 2 or 3 crashes every time I booted up. Now only once in awhile. To Ubuntu's credit, even back in alpha 5 the crashes were never serious.

I used to remember having so many problems running 64bit, so I had been using 32bit for awhile, but it seems you guys got everything worked out! I haven't encountered any 64bit problems thus far. Even flash installed without a hitch. I am also glad Rosetta@home now allows 64bit clients.

There is really only one big problem I have which is that OpenOffice just hangs at the splash screen when I load any of the programs.

I just hope we can get OpenOffice.org 3.0 and an fglrx driver that works with Intrepid in time for release. Granted, the open source ati drivers work just fine even for most 3D games.

Unfortunately, WINE has not been working for me with the default intrepid packages. Probably once winehq starts compiling for intrepid everything will be fine.

I love the new Intrepid kde4 theme. Cheers to the Ubuntu and Kubuntu teams. Intrepid is going to kick ***.