View Full Version : [ubuntu] FYI - Dell Inspiron B120 Loving My Ubuntu

September 23rd, 2008, 11:54 AM
When i found ubuntu i realy didn't try it out, i had a cd from someone for about a month or two, then i finaly ran the live cd, it is a 6 version. I thought great, i useally get a 800x600 res, but with the ubuntu i finally found something that gave me 1024X768 and the sound! with some live cd if i got the screen but then no sound, so i was happy when i finally tried Ubuntu out. Now i dual boot my B120 with winxp home and i upgraded ubuntu to the hardy and i am loving my ubuntu. it has all my fav open source apps from openoffice.org to vlc to firefox and i am finding more to like to in the games. Keep up the great work guys, so if anyone is using a Inspiron B120 start out with version 6 and then upgrade to 8.04, thats what i did.