View Full Version : Intrepid issue with LG monitor

September 21st, 2008, 05:35 PM
I have crt monitor LG F900P.

When I try to install or run live cd of Intrepid alpha 6, after first loading ("orange worm") is finished, all I get is some mixed colors and I can not see anything. I have installed Hardy Heron earlier without this issues.

This must be some resolution problem? I thought it was only Intrepid related but to my surprise problem emerged again when I tried to install debian 4.0.r4 and OpenSUSE11 and I am really desperate and clueless about this and google search did not help at all. :( I would appreciate any help.

Hm, just installed Hardy Heron and updated it to intrepid ibex through update manager and same thing happened after reboot: all I can see is colors of a rainbow mixed up together???