View Full Version : [ubuntu] Adding Ubuntu to existing PXE server

September 19th, 2008, 09:11 PM
Hi everybody,
at work we are running a PXE server on CentOS. In the past it has been used for booting diagnostic tools, and automatic installations of operating systems.
The guy that set it all up has moved down to the south island, (and being the only guy left in the store with knowledge of Linux) and I've wound up having to manage it.

Getting to the point, I'm looking to create an auto-install system. You boot into the PXE server, select Ubuntu and it will install the system with no interactive prompts.
I believe we had this running at one stage with Ubuntu 7.04, but I'm looking to update it to the 8.04.1 release.

Also, if possible, I'd like to set a few configuration options on the system. Otherwise I might have to do this after installation with a Python script.

Any help would be great!