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September 17th, 2008, 09:52 PM
Linux holds an ultimate weapon: No other brand-new OS project will ever get off the ground in a serious way. Ones based on other beloved OSes have a chance (Amiga/BeOS/OS/2) but will NEVER get their own culture. The culture will be a mix of open-source fun and apps and ideas from Linux, concepts from windows, and of course, the culture of whatever OS they're trying to improve/copy (e.g. BeOS, Amiga.) Linux is aggravatingly dominating. It dominates over the non-Mac/Windows OS scene, the "alt" OS scene. BSD is just a slightly different core with the same old GNOME/KDE type stuff on top. And even BSD has no real popularity whatsoever in the "alt" market. The "alt" market, is also limited to one commercial provider, Apple. No other commercial provider (e.g. QNX) has a chance, no matter how good their product is (e.g. BeOS, QNX) because, simply put, if it's not a linux distro, its not worth developing on.

The biggest influence of Linux has been its ability to shamelessly crush other "alt" OS projects like AmigaOS or Haiku under the weight of "well just modify Linux". Then that gets crushed under the weight of maintenance and the trouble with trying to provide a unified solution on Linux (GNUStep, ROX.) Then they're left with themes, which are merely symbols, and patches, because you can't fork GNOME or KDE, it won't last. So really, Linux is like a giant "other OS" crusher; it crushes them, and if they try to embrace it (GNUStep, ROX,) GNOME or KDE crushes them under their weight.

The much-vaunted "customization" of Linux is thus watered-down, and Linux in some ways limits customization due to inability to start an OS project and inability to harness Linux properly.
Modifying/forking GNOME/KDE is impossible, and making an alternative programming enviornment or interface that doesn't work within them is also impossible. Finally, making a Linux project that users use without also using third party not in project linux apps, thus breaking synergy, is impossible.

Linux is amazing at crushing. It is just marvelous to watch linux crush projects that come up fast, but can't keep going. (SkyOS, Syllable OS, etc.) Embedded devices will soon be crushed also.

You might call this "assimilation".
It's fun to watch, but a little sad.

My most flamebaitest post ever. Read while understanding that I still like Linux, and it catapulted "alt" OSes to a new level of popularity. Of course, all "alt" OSes are now just dressed-up linux.

September 17th, 2008, 10:00 PM
yea, maybe Linux will "crush" its way to the 1-2% market share anytime soon...

September 17th, 2008, 10:01 PM
My most flamebaitest post ever.

I concur. Thread closed.