View Full Version : [other] Help with GEU/Enlightenment

September 11th, 2008, 05:47 AM
Which forum is the best place to get help with GEU? (Enlightenment/Gnome/Ubuntu)?
I was running Gutsy, upgraded to Hardy which was so abysmally slow it was unsuable. So I decided to give GEU a try as it is based on Gutsy.
Pretty good really. Switching between wireless and LAN was the easiest I have seen. No problems with drivers or WEP or anything.

Anyway I have two questions:
How do I connect to windows shares in GEU?
The Ubuntu Help refers to "Places -> Network" but that does not seem to exist in GEU

2. Is there a doc that tells how to add menus and submenus to the Enlightenment lower bar, and also upper bar? The GEU web site and wiki are not very helpful.