View Full Version : [ubuntu] Dell Inspiron 1525 - Which Version of Ubuntu Should I Install?

September 5th, 2008, 11:44 PM
So I've just purchased an Inspiron 1525 (Intel Core 2 Duo) loaded with Vista (the only model that they had on sale).

Getting rid of Vista and loading Ubuntu are my first orders of business when I have it in hand, but I need a bit of advice.

Should I load the standard AMD64 Desktop edition, or use the ISO that Dell has available (ubuntu-8.04.1-dell-reinstall.iso)?

September 6th, 2008, 06:52 PM
I also have a Dell Inspiron 1525 that came with Vista. Being new to Ubuntu, I tried both the versions of Ubuntu, the regular one and the Dell .iso for the 1525. I would recommend the Dell .iso as it comes preloaded with a lot of apps and drivers etc specific for the laptop. At first the wireless internet wasn't working, but once I did the recommended updates via a wired connection, it's been smooth sailing ever since. Good luck!