View Full Version : [ubuntu] RocketRaid 1640 on old dell and ubuntu

Mr Macke
September 5th, 2008, 04:51 PM
Hello, im very new to ubuntu and the linux world so be gentle :)
But then again, im not sure my problem is with ubuntu. Anyway, im gonna describe it for you.

I got this dell, Dimension 4400 (1,7ghz p4, 512mb ram, and gfx is some ati rage 3d)I had plans for this computer, big plans. I was gonna use it as a fileserver for all of my photos, but it only had one drive. So i figured id get a raid controler card and 2 sata drives (250gb Seagate) and do raid1. I installed ubuntu and did most of the configs a week ago and today my RockerRaid 1640 arrived. I put it in the dell and woalla, i wuldnt boot :( so i put it in my gf's comp and it worked there :(. The problem is that it wont go past the big DELL logo at the start with the card in it. I can get ubuntu to boot, but it takes som time and the card is not recognised in anyway :(

This is my problem right now :(

Can anyone help me? ive been googeling for some time without an answer

Best regards
Mr Macke