View Full Version : gtk-config missing -**TRIED ALL FORUM SUGGESTIONS** HELP!!!!!!

November 16th, 2005, 02:05 PM
Starting a new thread - as my original post was really about another problem...
LOVE UBUNTU. Can't compile. Usual suggestions followed. I have dev-essentials installed. my .c script is simple - there is no CONFIGURE, just a MAKEFILE. And it did compile on Mandrake years ago.

the MAKE stage gives the usual "GTK-CONFIG NOT FOUND" error, but ALL posts i read specify installing dev-essentials or refer to 'configure' dependencies (don't apply here for me i believe).

LOCATE GTK-CONFIG shows *nothing*.
LOCATE GTK shows lots of dirs - all 2.0 and above.

I Have EVERY lib installed (i think) and still can't find GTK-CONFIG!!!!!


Also - in my 3+ days of trying to compile a simple program, i may have made some booboo's.... one for sure:

adding GTK to PKG_CONFIG_PATH env var - but i now know it's wrong. How do I remove my previous entry and what file do I locate to get the correct path?


November 16th, 2005, 04:57 PM
Ubuntu packages tells me that gtk-config is in package libgtk1.2-dev. Do you have that installed?

November 17th, 2005, 08:32 AM
Thank You!! Every reply leads me somewhere different than replys to other persons threads with "similiar" problems. So I don't think it's a duplicated effort you have given!

I could not find that simple fact out....

Thank you Thank you!!