View Full Version : [kubuntu] system tray icons stuck large, creating a single line of them instead of two

Phil Urich
September 2nd, 2008, 08:08 AM
The title basically says it all, it started right before I rebooted (after 27 days up, heh, and only to install a new hard drive) and unfortunately it persisting. Normally the icons are smaller (I think they GET smaller? I don't know, I always have tons in the system tray, heh) so that two lines of them will fit, but right now they're stuck large and at a single line, which gets annoying considering how much room on the kicker panel they take up then!

Nothing I seem to do helps, although if I go "dcop kicker Panel setPanelSize 52" then it's two lines, but umm I swear it was always at 48 before, is there really no way to change the size of the system tray icons themselves? I swear there used to be. Admittedly I can probably live with 52, but in some ways I'm just curious about the specifics of 3.5 kicker (since the KDE4 one still doesn't work well enough for me, heh).