View Full Version : [ubuntu] * Hardy: Bug found for persistent boot *

September 1st, 2008, 11:23 AM
After going bonkers as to why the 'casper-rw' partition wont mount on boot up, i found a bug in the 'casper-helper' script, in the 'initrd'.

The function 'find_cow_device' has the following:

echo "$device"

Obviously, you see it should have been

echo "${device}"

After making this fix, my persistence works!!!

But I have never seen this fix, for all the amount I have googled.

So does it work for some?!@:confused:

Anyways, for me, I had to make this fix, after sifting and debugging through a lot of code.

I think my Kernel is: 2.6.18 (Will confirm in sometime, when I boot into it, On Kubuntu 8.04).

Please let me know if this indded is a bug, and we need to raise it.