View Full Version : [ubuntu] ripping CDs in mono

August 21st, 2008, 03:33 AM
I have a LARGE collection of privately-recorded CDRs that I need to rip to AAC files.

I see that the basic audio extractor program will rip to the AAC format, so that's one need taken care of!

next question: is there any way to set it to extract in mono? this is all pre-stereo music.

further question: I need to rip lots and lots of discs and was hoping to set up a bunch of external CD drives to the linux computer (running 7.x actually, I hope that's not a problem)

is there any way to get the program to rip multiple CDs in a row, if they're all mounted on the desktop?

does anyone know of an alternative program that can do these things?

to recap:

1 - rip in AAC format

2 - rip in mono

3 - rip multiple discs in a row