View Full Version : Marketing Team and Wikis

November 12th, 2005, 04:33 AM
Hey Ubuntu Community! I have been using Ubuntu (with KDE) for a while now, and am interested in putting it on a computer and giving it to my father, as his only computer is an extremely out of date 100 Mhz Pentium that was given to him. Anyways, I was thinking about writing up a beginners manual that can be printed out (exported to PDF for easy printing?) when I came across the Ubuntu Marketing Team, with the sub team of New User Literature, and would love to begin writing a printable manual, including how a beginners look at KDE and Gnome, how to perform common tasks (burn a cd, play media, create basic documents in OO.org2, browse the internet), intermediate tasks (downloading and installing new software using Adept and/or Synaptic), a section on customizing the computer (using kde/gnome-look.org and gdesklets or SuperKaramba), and a sort of appendix of troubleshooting and common problems ("My computer wont boot to the desktop but gives me a text line!").

Now that I've gone completely off topic, what I wanted to ask was how exactly to use a Wiki, and how to join the New User Literature sub-team?