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August 1st, 2008, 11:40 AM
PIII 933Mhz, 484Mb Memory, Desktop running Kubuntu 8.04LTS (KDE3.5).

Using Kopete (KDE 3.5./Kubuntu) via MSN protocol to transfer files to a contact using MSN Messenger on an Apple laptop works fine.

Using Kopete (KDE 3.5./Kubuntu) via MSN protocol to transfer files to a contact using Kopete (KDE 3.5./ManDriva) also MSN protocol on Celeron 1.1Mhz PC refuses to work.
He sees "accept or reject file" option, clicks "accept", then gets "open/open destination/cancel", clicking either of first two options results in failure of file transfer & I get a "user cancelled" message. I see the "open/open destination/cancel" options too but with the "open" option greyed out.

I'm with Tiscali Broadband & he's with Virgin Cable Broadband.
I get similar problem with getting him to view my webcam. He sends request to see my webcam, I accept & nothing happens.

He is new both to Linux & internet in general so he's not sure if Virgin cable has a firewall that's blocking the file transfer/webcam. He's very much into the whole Linux thing so I'd like for him not to get disillusioned at this early stage.

Anyone experienced similar? Any help gratefully accepted.

Thanks :)

August 1st, 2008, 09:05 PM
I run Kubuntu Gutsy at the moment, and while I can't say much on the webcam issue (because I never really used one much), I can say that in my experience on Gutsy and Hardy, Kopete file transfers are rather hit-or-miss. If I have to transfer something via IM, I generally switch to Pidgin or just email it. I think file transferring is supposed to be improved in the next Kopete release.

August 1st, 2008, 10:25 PM
Thanks pluviosity,

It was actually Kopete 0.5 (in KDE4) that I last used successfully to transfer files to the above mentioned apple laptop (with a faster P4 PC than this one mind u) but I tried the same Kopete 0.5 to try to transfer files to the guy with Virgin cable to no avail! Pidgin kind of worked i.e. he got some sort of file at the end of the process.
Very frustrating. These are the sort of niggling things that keep a lot of Windows users from switching to Linux wholesale, me-thinks.