View Full Version : [ubuntu] new ADSL Gateway improves access

brook adams
July 31st, 2008, 08:24 AM
When I got my system 76 laptop I had a lot of trouble with the wireless connection. Unreliable signal, dropping the connection and stuff like that. I burned my eyes out reading forums and how-to's and troubleshooting guides. I had an old Actiontec GT701 as a DSL gateway. It had acted pretty badly in the past but I downloaded new firmware and it worked ok except that it would just give up from time to time and nothing short of restarting MY FRIKKIN' COMPUTER would get it rolling again. I finally got a D-Link that occasionally get confused but is easily re-connected without any heroics.

I would say to those of you with wireless problems, have a look at your router. I'm not saying that ubuntu is blameless (I have my problems with nm-applet) but it really works pretty well.