View Full Version : [ubuntu] HOW TO: surround sound in hardy

July 8th, 2008, 11:33 PM
Ok so I've tried searching the forums etc. but all I find is: you should edit this file (which doesn't exist)... I create and it doesn't work... But then again I don't have any sound through the overall speakers at all...

Where do I find a step-by-step newbie introduction to setting up a surround sound system for Ubuntu? Including steps telling me to go to System->Preferrences->Sound and setting the right things here. I'm using Hardy and have no clue what so ever.

I've tried lots <- getting normal sound out my surround sound speakers, but then movies is played through laptop speakers.

Im using a Toshiba U200 and a cardbus (PCMCIA) audigy 2 spundcard.

Thanks in advance, love you already...!

P.s. I'm not as angry as it aounds, just not the best at english....