View Full Version : [ubuntu] Video Resolution issues Gnome

July 7th, 2008, 09:48 PM
I have an odd video issue. I have nvidia drivers installed. Latest Ubuntu (but it started before I upgraded).
All my gnome desktop windows have lost their size, restore, close buttons- sometimes the entire title bar is gone and all windows seem to thing my video resolution is much lower than it is.
For instance opening Konsole it jumps to the upper left corner with no title bar. I can drag it bigger but can not move it cause I can't get to the title bar. Firefox on the other hand opens in the bottom left corner with no title bar. I can maximize it by right clicking and it fills the full screen.
The initial size an app. open appears to be 800x600 resolution.
What's the easiest way to reset video? I only piddle around with Linux so small words when helping would help a lot <g>.