View Full Version : [ubuntu] Video Questions for a Newb

July 7th, 2008, 08:10 PM
I am a big time Newb to Ubuntu and Linux. I have a box, IBM R32 (2gig CPU with 1 Gig Mem) running EMail and some Server Monitors. I also use it for Pidgin and Skype. It is my primary Internet box for new sites. I do have a Windows PC for my more advanced things. What I would like to do is to ad TV and a Web Cam to the ubuntu 8.04 box. I know I should get the Hauppauge_PVRUSB2 for the TV, I am told that is the best. I am not really looking to record anything but someday if I do I need to use MythTV. My question on that is will I be able to save the shows to the Windows Box and is that the right card I should be looking at?

More over I wasn't so smart with the Web Cam. I would like to get the one I just got working. I am afraid however that I am stuck with something that will not work. The Cam is a GE MiniCam Pro HO98756 by Jansco. I am unable to find any drivers for it on the net. If anyone has some advise please let me know. Thanks ever so much.