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July 5th, 2008, 04:32 PM
hi all I am trying some different types of Linux operating systems. no I don't want to change from Hardy. I am just seeking some knowledge. I want to install as a separate OS.
first is this possible ?
if so which dists will work?
TIA 1Scorpio

July 5th, 2008, 04:43 PM
I'd use Virtual Box for that. That way you can install and try whatever you want without any chance of hurting Ubuntu :) All Linux distributions will work.. Fedora, Slackware, Mandriva, SuSe... whatever!

July 5th, 2008, 04:44 PM
Sure, you can install other OS's. If you want to install a bunch, you should look into partitioning and stuff. I forget the specifics except that you can only have four main partitions or something. But yeah, there's nothing stopping from installing more OS's. Have fun.

July 5th, 2008, 04:45 PM
Try distros like suse and fedora that have live CD's

July 5th, 2008, 04:45 PM
If you juyst want to have a look before you give them there own partition I would use vbox - in fact that is exactly what I do..

When you start installing them you need to keep an eye on where grub or bootloader is, I have in the past no let them install one and then edited my buntu grub to have the new one in.

It is perfectly possible - I've done so with fedora, opensuse and a couple of others.

July 5th, 2008, 05:10 PM
i would stick with the live cd for just trying out different distros (no setup required)

but if you find another disrto that you really like, it is very easy to setup a dual boot system

(dual booting with linux works basically the same as dual booting with windows)

as for some good distros that you might be interested in, well here is the entire list (almost) of linux distros that use livecd's

one thats not on the list that i really like is Fedora

July 5th, 2008, 05:28 PM
better yet, if you can scrounge up an extra hard drive, just swap out drives and go nuts. that way, your bootloader wont get messed with. also, virtualbox is ok, but the virtual experience is not as good as a real install.

July 5th, 2008, 05:35 PM
I wrote a "how to" on multibooting, Multibooting is easy, there are a few things you should be familiar with first including partitioning terminology and a least a passing familiarity with GRUB.

How to Multi-boot (Maintain more then 2 OS) - Ubuntu Forums (http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=724817)

+1 on trying an OS on Virtuabox / VMWare first (saves on re-booting).

+1 on trying "live" before you install.

July 5th, 2008, 05:36 PM
virtualbox is ok, but the virtual experience is not as good as a real install.totally agree - but I use it to decide whether I want to go the whole way - obviously in virtualbox you don't get 3d graphics etc so it's just a bit of a testing ground and if you don't like it just delete the vm drive

July 6th, 2008, 05:30 AM
Many thanks to all of you your sugestions are really helpfull