View Full Version : [kubuntu] External USB Drive

June 28th, 2008, 09:13 PM
Evening all. Had a six month struggle with this one but is now resolved!

I bought a Freecom 500 Gig Network drive for additional storage capacity. WHAT a disappointment!

It worked well under Windows but the only way I could get reliable operation in Kubuntu was to use Filezilla and use FTP to move files. If I went to "Storage Media" then Samba Shares, the connection would just be flaky. If I plugged it in to a Kubuntu box NOTHING happened! Using Webmin I could not mount the drive so basically it's just been gathering dust for the last six months.

I've recently built a Kubuntu "server" on an old P4 that works well and serves the storage need. Today I decided to get the network drive up and running but using the USB connection rather than the CAT5 connection, directly connected to the server.

After hours of struggle with the Freecom manually mounted via USB but only giving me read access, I copied the contents to the server then formatted it using its web interface.

WTF! When it rebooted it automatically mounted! Not only that but I've got read and write access! I've sweated golf balls trying to sort this out in the past and all I had to do was copy and format.