View Full Version : [all variants] wired lan blocked when wireless active

June 25th, 2008, 08:59 PM
I have a desktop and a laptop.

Ubuntu 8.04
Connected via wireless to router -> internet (192.168.2.xxx)
Connected with cross-over cable to laptop (ip

Win XP
Connected via wireless to same router as above -> internet (192.168.2.xxx)
Connected with cross-over cable to desktop (ip

I installed samba on the linux machine to be accessed by the windows-
machine and shared one folder.

The problem is: I can only ping the
machines and connect to the samba share, if the wireless is deactivated
on the linux-desktop. After I activate wireless again it takes ~10
seconds before its blocked again.

Can anyone tell me how I can tell linux not to block the traffic.
I have firestarter installed, and set the according devices for "internet
connected network device" (wlan0) and "local network connected device"
(eth0), but have not activated internet connection sharing.

Anyone any idea?