View Full Version : [ubuntu] Question about dell uk laptop and upgrading from 7.10

May 11th, 2008, 08:58 AM

I'm looking to buy a laptop in about 2 months time, and I noticed that the dell inspiron 1525, which comes with ubuntu preinstalled, uses 7.10 atm. would i have any problems in upgrading/doing a clean install of 8.04? would all of my hardware work out of the box or are there any special drivers and things that dell are using?

many thanks,


May 11th, 2008, 10:02 AM
There is always a trade-off. If you want the latest and greatest (8.04 in this case), there is a chance something will not go right/to your liking.
Especially with a pre-intsalled os, you are really getting a big head start.
Try out the livecd for a few days (remembering that they run much more slowly than an installed os) and see if it works for you.

Another possibility would be to dual boot the two ubuntus. Thats what I did until I was sure 8.04 was ready. Then I just wiped 7.10.

So, in other words, there is no cut and dried answer to your question. Your decision will depend on what you want out of the system.