View Full Version : [ubuntu] Is extended display possible with Inspiron 6000

May 9th, 2008, 08:44 AM
So I just migrated from Windows to Ubuntu 8.04 and everything was going smoothly. I then went to extend my desktop display from my laptop monitor to my 20" dell monitor, something I do on Windows all the time for work. However, I can't seem to find any way to make this work. When I go to the System > Preferences > Screen Resolution area I uncheck "clone screens" and move the two monitor representations side by side, hit apply, and then nothing happens-- just the same cloned display appears on both monitors. When I close out the Screen Resolution box and reopen, the "clone screens" box is checked again-- like my changes never happened.

Does anyone know a solution for this? My video card is some generic dell garbage: Intel Mobile 915GM/GMS/910GML Express Graphics Controller. Am I out of luck thanks to not having the NVIDIA card I've seen referenced on this forum for extended desktop control? I really hope not or else I'll have to dual boot into windows whenever I need to do real work work.... ugh.