View Full Version : [ubuntu] No%%BoundingBox?? HP printer install.

May 4th, 2008, 08:07 AM
HP 722c hardwired through Linksys router to Dell GX520;
When I try to hook it up I get:

"Page 1 (Choose printer):
{'cups_dest': <cups.Dest object at 0x8710f20>,
'cups_instance': None,
'cups_queue': 'HPDeskjet',
'cups_queue_listed': True}
Page 2 (Check printer sanity):
{'cups_device_uri_scheme': u'socket',
'cups_printer_dict': {'device-uri': u'socket://',
'printer-info': u'HP Deskjet 722c',
'printer-is-shared': True,
'printer-location': u'localhost',
'printer-make-and-model': u'HP DeskJet 722C Foomatic/pnm2ppa (recommended)',
'printer-state': 4,
'printer-state-message': u'No %%BoundingBox: comment in header!',
'printer-state-reasons': [u'connecting-to-device'],
'printer-type': 135180,
'printer-uri-supported': u'ipp://localhost:631/printers/HPDeskjet'},
'is_cups_class': False}"

None of the How To's I can find give me the same sequence of chjoices which come up on my printer install sequence.

I'm very new to Ubuntu.