View Full Version : [ubuntu] Removing WINDOWS... in favor of Ubuntu + VirtualBox

May 1st, 2008, 02:45 AM
Hi folks,

I <3 ubuntu... to be blunt haha. Been using it for the past few days and now I want it to take over my machine, which it has, in part. I am dualbooting with winXP on one partition and ubuntu on another.

Question: I want to get rid of winXP, because I want to install it in virtualbox in ubuntu so as to have a couple windows programs I use. (And not have to reboot everytime I want to use those programs).

Current setup:

1 NTFS partition for Windows XP
1 Partition for Linux (ext3/swap I think are together in the same partition)
1 NTFS partition for My Documents... within a logical partition for Windows XP. Ubuntu can still get at it.
1 NTFS partition for my WinXP Pagefile, within a logical partition for windows XP.

Can I just delete the windowsXP partition (and keep GRUB happy), or will I need more finessed methods?
If I can just delete the windowsXP partition, how should I format it so that VirtualBox will find it and use it to install the winXP virtual drive onto?

Oh... because I've customized a lot of my current winXP installation is there any way, once VirtualBox is setup, to reload the diskimage I have of it? It's an Acronis TrueImage diskimage...