View Full Version : Power supply for xx 1080

April 29th, 2008, 04:19 PM
Hi everyone,

I post this here because i looked everywhere but i can not find where i am looking for.

I and a friend of me are making a night vision from a xx 1080 from philips:

Now do we need a power supply, 15Kv and 450 V focus power

now there is one website:
The last right photo

That sell's that parts

We send an e-mail to this website whit the question if we can buy 2 power supply's for our xx 1080
He only told us that he only sell's 2 xx1080 's and whit one power supply that will kost 80 euro.

he does not want to sell 2 power supply's

We only want that power supply, and we looked everywhere but we can not find a shop or something thats cell's it.

I hope someone can help me whit a link where i can buy the power supply for our xx 1080

It does not matter where we can buy it