View Full Version : [ubuntu] skype communication problems

April 29th, 2008, 03:37 AM
I'm using the latest Skype for Linux on Ubuntu 8.04 64-bit. My concern is that when I start Skype the green icon in the panel has a red flag flashing on and off all the time. I interpret that to mean that the communication channel is poor. Indeed, when I use the skype test-call I hear the operator's voice fine, but my recorded voice is garbled. It's usable but definitely not good.

Curious thing is, I have 2 Ubuntu 8.04 installs, and one of them has this problem, the other doesn't. Is there a troubleshooting guide for comm problems? I have a cable internet connection, and everything else works fine......

I connected to my wife's Vista box using skype-to-skype, and the tech report said my box had a download bandwidth of 6 kBps, and an upload bandwidth of <1kBps. My wife's box reported her download bandwidth as 1kBps, presumably limited by my end, and an upload bandwidth of 6 kBps. We were using the same cable connection through a router, so it doesn't look as if the limited bandwidth for upload is anything to do with the cable connection.

I've asked about this on the Skype users' forum, but would be glad of any ideas from here too....