View Full Version : [ubuntu] Desktop not visable via. DRAC

April 25th, 2008, 08:26 PM
Tech specs: Ubuntu 8.04LTS Server (Hardy Heron), Dell PowerEdge R200, DRAC (Dell Remote Access Card) 4/P
Location: Webhost

I have installed Ubuntu Desktop (sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop) and rebooted the server, the OS loader page is viewable but when the desktop loads all I am left with is a mainly blank screen with some garbled content at the top.

I believe the DRAC is OS independent so I'm guessing It may be down to the resolution not being supported by the DRAC... How do I amend the resolution from SSH? or set-up Ubuntu Desktop to work with-out a monitor but with the DRAC?

The reason I am installing the Desktop environment on Ubuntu Server is because I am fairly new to Linux and still learning the command line.

Thanks in advance DM.