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April 22nd, 2008, 05:23 PM
Hello everyone...

I am pretty new to the whole Ubuntu scene, and the whole linux scene on a whole. I've migrated from Windows, although I still keep it for my usual gaming here and there, but love Ubuntu, and therefore use it as my primary operating system. One thing that I am having a problem with is being able to do my website work in Ubuntu. I have Dreamweaver installed via Wine, but I need to access my web site folder. Now in windows, this would be done through the process of going to map a network drive, but choosing to connect to a "network server", and from there I would simply put my web address in, type in the username and password, and would be able to access it just as any other folder in Windows. But my question: How is this done In Ubuntu? I messed around a little with "Connect to server" but nothing seems to work. Any help would be appreciated!

April 23rd, 2008, 10:06 PM
mhm - without specific information "how" you access your website this is hard... do you use ftp or websav ?

sorry i cannot be more helpful...