View Full Version : HOWTO: WOW with Wine & ATI or Intel

April 9th, 2008, 04:33 PM
ATI & Intel Users - I cannot stress enough that you need to pay attention to the excellent thread posted by Sammi here:

Before posting your issue see if it exists here:

Intel users - some of the ATI specific changes have been proven to work for you as well.
Additionally there is an intel X1300 configuration proven to work: http://ubuntuforums.org/showpost.php?p=4542841&postcount=1498
You may get some clues to your issue(s) there.

If you don't see your problem or issue with WoW listed in the last 4 pages of the Howto: WoW with Wine thread then post to it. If you have a specific problem resolved that isn't documented then please post it either there or here.

Common issues:

Low Framerate - Find the mandatory framerate tweak
Crazy polygons all over the screen - Find the mandatory framerate tweak
Continued Low Framerate - Run WoW.exe -opengl
White mini-map indoors in game - known issue - ATI implementation of Pixel Buffers
Missing Models, Crash on game launch - all listed at the wowwiki

If your hardware is not supported by your driver(s) ATI or INTEL at this point ( 04/09/2008 ) it will likely not work or work very poorly.

Where is nVidia? See the home thread.

Best of luck and don't be afraid to ask specific questions to either thread!