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January 27th, 2008, 06:49 PM
Hello, I started using wxGlade and wxWidgets just now, I have tried GTK2 programming before so im not completely unfamiliar with their concept of packaging,

However I fear I have a stupid problem I cant possibly find out how to solve when using wxGlade,
I need to design a very simple chat GUI,

I have a box sizer with 3 rows, It will contain:
A single line textbox for the subject
A multiline textbox in the middle with the chat
A single line textbox for typing messages at the bottom

I want the single line textbox at the bottom to be 'anchored' with the bottom of the frame and have the multiline textbox expand both right and bottom so when the frame gets resized, I want the bottom single line textbox to move downwards as well

The problem is that it doesnt, It stays at a fixed position, and as a result I just get a large chunk of empty space on my frame

Any ideas what I need to set?
I have tried a lot of different combinations in the layout tab with no luck

- X