View Full Version : More Holiday Advice - Donations as Gifts

Tundro Walker
December 19th, 2007, 04:31 AM
I was standing in the store with a cart of stuff I was planning on buying for my co-workers' holiday gifts ... candy, trinkets, etc, etc ... you know, something that will either help them gain some holiday pounds (which you'll hear them complain about incessantly later), or something they'll most likely toss out after a couple months.

I was standing in the aisle, tallying up how much I was about to spend (there's quite a few folks under the org-chart I'm on), and thought ...

"Holy crap. I'm about spend a fair amount of money on crap these people really don't need. Why don't I just give the money to someone who can really use it?"

*DING* (light-bulb goes on)

I've been toying with the idea of donating to the One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) Foundation for a while, but never quite convined myself to do it. But, after seeing how much I was about to spend, I figured I could pitch in a little more and do the full donation for a laptop to OLPC.

So I go to their site, thinking they probably have this all thought out .. how to donate on somebody's behalf (and to get proof that you did, so folks won't think you're just pulling their leg). But, they don't.

So, a little googling, and I came across JustGive.org (http://www.justgive.org), which lets you search over 1,000,000 charities to give to, and also lets you donate as a gift or memorial in someone's name/honor. You can fill in the person's email address, and JustGive will send them a nice email letting them know that you donated on their behalf (and you can choose to show or not show the donation amount...depending on whether you want them to know you're a cheap-skate, or you're modest and don't want them to know you just forked over an arm and a leg).

I work with quite a few folks, so I opted not to fill in an email addy...which instead has the email come to me, letting me forward the email on to others to let them know about it.

I thought this was a pretty cool idea, so wanted to share it with others, especially if you're the kind of person who knows those you're buying for have all they need and will probably appreciate a donation to a charity in their name rather than more stuff they'll probably just toss out later.

One thing to note, though, JustGive deducts 3% of the donation amount for operating expenses, so you might have to "pad" your donation amount like I did to make the even amount (IE: to do $200, I had to do $206 ... $6 for the 3%)