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December 12th, 2007, 07:59 PM
Okay, this is going to be a spinoff of conky. The problem I've always seen with it is it's configuration file is dismal at best. Although it's a powerful tool, and it can be made to look really nice, a lot of users quit using it because of it's "learning curve." (For lack of a better term.)

Before I begin, take a look at the following thread, where this idea originated.


Basically, I call various shell scripts from the conky config file. This way, not only can I display a lot more info, but since I'm more proficient in shell scripting than in "conky scripting," I can get it done faster.

So heres what I'm thinking. First, we'd need to develop the shell scripts. And I mean a lot of them, for anything imaginable. The more the better, as linux is all about choice, right?

Once we have all these scripts, we'd need a GTK frontend to make setting it up a lot easier. Heres a quick mockup I just threw together:


Once that's ready, we'll need testers and such.

If I get a team of people interested, we'll hammer out the details. If not, I guess I'll hammer out the details. :P

Heres who I'm looking for:
Most importantly, scripters. We need scripts for anything, from displaying "To-Do" lists, to what song you're listening to. ANYTHING imaginable. If theres enough we can have a webpage with downloadable scripts. (Put into some form of a package for easy installation.)
GTK Programmer(s). I'm not all that into this yet. As such, I'm not sure how proficient you'd have to be to achieve something similar to what is displayed above. But again, this would be a team effort, so even if you have little experience, sign up!
Graphic Design. I'll work on one myself along with managing this little project, but it'll be nice to have logo submissions from a bunch of people. Maybe a splash screen, icons, etc. Whatever you want. Bring everything to the table for us to sort out.
Testers. Everyone can do this, but it's important to have it done before a release. No one likes software that doesn't deliver.
Name suggestions. Anyone? Go to town with it. =]Alright folks. Heres hoping someones interested. Feel free to shoot me a PM with any questions. Keep in mind. I'm not looking for people to devote 25 hours a day to this. I just wannah have something a group of us can do in our spare time. So if you want to contribute a little, a lot, or in between, please do so.


December 14th, 2007, 08:58 PM
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