View Full Version : Can we use a Open source software section

August 7th, 2005, 05:31 PM
The idea of an open source software section kind of excites me as it will give a place to post and discus new software. It may also go a long way in assisting newbies in locating and installing software they want that is not in synaptic. This can also address cutting edge software assisting people who wan't the latest version or expecialy something that will not make into Synaptic but a sofware they can not do without.

This may also assisst Ubuntu in backport development and possibly even synaptic with new gems that are hidden in the web. That unfortunatly is one thing I have learnt a lot of stuff seems sort of hidden for example I spent about a few weeks looking for a cpu monitor because the ones that came with Ubuntu do not work with my hardware, I managed to find one that works with older hardware and put in a baclport request for it because its a little gem.