View Full Version : Update to old post: Linux on a Celeron 500 and a 1800+ versus Vista on a 2500+.

April 28th, 2007, 12:43 AM
Testing Vista versus linux/xp/98 on 3 machines.

1st test machine:
Celeron 500 mhz
256 megs sdram 133
geforce 4 pci

2nd test machine:
768 megs ram

3rd test machine:
1 gig ram
Vista ultimte

Running Win 98 in the past, all the celery 500 could play decently was UT with 4 players and Quake 2. With Linux, it can play quake 3 at 640x480.

The athlon 1800+ runs opengl games FASTER then the 2500+, runs everything better in fact.

I'm quite impressed. If only I could figure out my network problems...

Edit: I meant Quake 2. And UT, decently, was 15 fps :\. This plays Q3 at around 30.