View Full Version : The most pathetic Windows users trying linux ever. What a Loser!

December 3rd, 2006, 06:03 AM
Learning how to use Linux is a challenge for Windoze user who have never typed into a terminal before.

But when u learn how it works, you realize it is so much more efficient than windoze.

I used to be a windoze guru, people came to me for help and so on. But when my lecturer ask me to learn how to write drivers in Linux, i decided to give Ubuntu a try.

To my joy, Linux is was the perfect OS for me. However i did run into problems, but they were solved by reading threads in this forum. Eventually i reached a point where i was perfectly comfortable with Linux and the terminal.

Now, check this article out, a review written by a windoze fanatic about "the truth of Linux", who tried Linux :-

1. These guys didnt even know how to install their drivers, and they complained Ubuntu was sluggish

2. They didnt even know how to install automatix (Good Lord!), obviously because they didnt understand how linux packages work.

3. They didnt know how to upgrade their repo's. Duh.

4. They think linux evolved package and software management system is like their windoze "click the setup file"

5. They think using the terminal was hard and scary.

6. They heard of something called beryl, and tried to install it with automatix, which they gave up trying to install. LOL!!

7. HAHAHAHA. This is one of the best. They think VMWARE emulates windoze apps, not WINE. Read their "review". LOL!! It seems they even tried it!! Which must be a lie.

8. They think the password is to change your clock time!! They don't know how it is an integral part of the EXT3 file system, and helps stops viruses from accessing the root filesystem.

9. Take a look at their website....XP this Vista that XP wow Vista wow. Windoze fanatics. Reminds me of religous people talking about blasphemy.

My conclusion is, Linux surely will suck when given to people who lack the intelligence to use it, have a tendency to mock things and make bad conclusions.

The Linux world is free, but it is not without hard work that the developers of various software put in. If you don't like it, then stay away. Don't insult these people.

I had a girlfriend who didnt like manual bikes. Juz cause its hard to learn, doesnt mean its no good. Manual bikes are better when it comes to racing.

Say, what you guys think?

Shay Stephens
December 3rd, 2006, 06:12 AM
My conclusion is, Linux surely will suck when given to people who lack the intelligence to use it, have a tendency to mock things and make bad conclusions.
Now now, don't go falling into the same trap :-) Linux can be used by people without much experience at all. And in the ideal world, even a simpleton should be able to use and benefit from a computer.

December 3rd, 2006, 06:14 AM
Yeah i suppose....

My bad.

But somebody really should have helped those guys when they had troubles

December 3rd, 2006, 06:16 AM
While I agree that review is a bit weak, I don't think it's in line with the forum guidelines to insult people and call them pathetic. I'm closing this thread.