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November 29th, 2006, 05:21 AM

Now, I'm going to try my best to explain my idea, I am not great at executing ideas I have to people, so please bare with me.

I love ubuntu, and it's coming on fantastically, I see new specs added daily and they are very exciting to hear about.

I also love the fact that many ideas are incorporated into this system, such as bounties which offer money to devs making that particular feature come into ubuntu with a reward to the coder who covers it.

Personally, I have a small part-time job and do freelance design work.. I have done some work to ubuntu, such as GUI concepts to help pitch my ideas, but wish to do more in the future.

I have been thinking a lot about ubuntu and ways to quicken the pace of development and getting more people involved in the project.

Many people are doing a great job already, and every time I hear about another developer switching across to ubuntu it makes me very excited.

I have a proposition to pitch to you guys, I feel very strongly about this idea and really believe it could work brilliantly.

In simple terms, the idea is just an enhanced bounty system - with a few more features within the forum/launchpad to help the idea come to life.

In complex terms it goes like this:

First, we make a special place where specifications are able to be voted for once they have been approved, a bit like how the feisty forum allows people to post their idea / explain it and then other users are able to cast their vote / talk about it.

Well, this is great and I think it's doing a fine job - I'd like to still have this within the idea I'm explaining, but I'd like to take those ideas the users submit and explain, then allow people to vote for them as specifications in the launchpad. (a bit like digg.com)

These specifications get some advertisement, a bit of hype.. the popular ones get the most coverage of course because they are the highest ones in the list, and people are able to add cash to the one(s) they like the most via paypal (easily and quickly).

This would generate popularity and of course developers would notice this.

The second part of the idea is improving the actual way the people who cover the bounty-sponsored specifications are paid.

Instead of one person being paid the full sum of the bounty for doing all the work, the bounty cash is split up within sub-sectors, allowing people to get paid a little for each bug / needed feature implementation for the final spec to be covered and finalised.

Say a particular specification is suggested in the forums, the people discuss this - give constructive criticisms, and just the general behaviour the forum ideas cover. If the idea is good and many people feel it would work, a specification is made and a person under the authority to approve it does so. If the spec is approved, it carries onto the normal process to go into the launch pad under 'approved status'. Now, instead of this spec sitting there, it is allowed to be voted upon and donated with it's own donation box and people are able to see this total price worth within launchpad/another system.

Each little bug that is addressed will come with a bounty of a realistic price for the total outcome of the actual bounty .. so for example, if the bounty total sum is 50$, then expect each bug to be quite small.

I also want to mention that people should be able to donate to ubuntu via a 'paypal' button on the front page, to help distribution of CD's/merchandise, but the money would also go into the features/bug fixing in the launchpad, so that the money is distributed to every single specification.

And that my friends, is my idea..
I'd like to discuss this so that it has to pass reality conditions.
It's easy to explain of course but I may be missing huge factors so let's try and be real about this and see if it would actually work :)


November 29th, 2006, 04:53 PM
I don't understand why no one has replied, I'll be happy to hear your comments.