View Full Version : Supporting and enabling non-Western women through Technology - Project ideas?

July 12th, 2006, 11:18 PM
How can we help women in developing countries and gender repressive cultures by enabling them with technical tools and skills -- particularly Linux and more specifically Ubuntu?

Ubuntu's -- after using many different distros -- approach and focus are ideally suited for computing in the 3rd world -- or areas where hardware and software availability may be severely limited. I'm equally impressed with both Desktop and Server implementations.

Additionally, travels through Africa and India presented me with firsthand evidence that:

1) Women are still really just beasts of burden or considered property in far too many places.

2) Women are often the sole provider for their families and will toil many many many hours with little expectation for reward.

3) Women are very interested in technology to make their lives better.

How can we help?

There are few organizations that provide good avenues like:

Women of Uganda Network - http://www.wougnet.org/ (http://www.wougnet.org)

And the Jhai Foundation which is building bicycled powered computing systems for villages: http://www.jhai.org/jhai_remoteIT.htm

Does anyone know of other groups? Are there any other suggestions? Any women in countries (such as Brazil) who can offer ideas of how those of us in the West can help?