View Full Version : [ubuntu] ACPI work-around?

December 17th, 2012, 10:19 PM
Hello all, (New here)

I've been searching for awhile to fix my problems on this journey and pretty much have hit a wall finally.

Basically I'm trying to get linux up and running on my desktop. I don't really care about the distro, though I've been using Ubuntu 12.1 x64 and Mint 14 x64.

On to the problem! When booting liveCD or from USB, I get *attached picture(that's the top left quadrant of my screen)* during load. I am fairly certain that this happens during kernel loading. With Mint 14 I used the F6 option of acpi workaround and got it to load fine. But anything I do resets after a reboot. For ubuntu, I got it to install awhile back (I forget how exactly, I think it was something similar) but then my desktop was 600x700 something resolution. Unity and top bar missing. I switched video drivers to bumblebee which fixed unity and top bar, but still crap resolution and only 1 monitor. Any help would be great! Or just new ideas.

GA-970a-UD3 -mobo (Updated the Bios yesterday)
FX-4100 -cpu
GTX295 and GT8500 -GPUS (Updated to 310.** on Ubuntu yesterday, same problem)(Running 3 monitors)
750w PSU
500gb HDD

Let me know what other spec's you might need.
Also, the 2 liveCDs and USB stick works on another desktop I have just fine, just to rule that out. I figure the key is something to do with acpi.