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December 15th, 2012, 04:55 PM
Hello; As a relative newcomer to linux, 6 months, i wanted to give my impressions of the
ubuntu CE edition which i have been using now for about 3 weeks.
First i really like the christian theme, i find it a very refreshing change. I should mention
also that i like the unity DE, for me it seems quicker and simpler than the others i have
tried. My wife, who has basic computer skills has no problem navigating with unity.
Some nice differences from regular ubuntu, wireless icon , drop down menus {black on white} small differences i know, but i prefer them.

The real difference is in the default software, which i definitely prefer, ubuntu tweak,
wine tricks, to name a couple. Lots of other stuff there that i find useful as well.
The only issues i had was with the dansguardian web content filter, which i now realize is
run from a terminal. If you are interested in dansguardian you have to search in the software center under, web content filter as it doesn't show up in apps.
To get some idea how it works use

sudo man dansguardianThis is not a tutorial as such, but will give you an idea how it works.

More on this and stlsaint's insight can be found here in this thread.{reply # 13}


Overall i like the ubuntu christain edition, and am gateful to the developers for making
it possible, it has become my ubuntu of choice.
A final thought as to the actual, bible software, i haven't found anything that i will
likely use to any extent. As a long time bible teacher and former pastor, i have these
kinds of resources in hardcover form.
My impressions, thank's for looking.