View Full Version : Odd Wine Issue

December 15th, 2012, 12:42 AM
I have never used Wine...until now. I had been away from Ubuntu for a while, but decided to come back yesterday after an entire Windows 7 installation crashed. Lost almost everything...yikes.

Anyway, I only have a single Windows program that I need to run under Ubuntu 12.10. It is a video display calibration software that I used to calibration my Panasonic plasma. The installation of it was a breeze. No issues there whatsoever. It runs just fine so far, with one exception...

It will not save new files or load saved files. It does not give me an error. It simply does not do it. I select a file to open, the window to browse files closes as it should, and then nothing. If I attempt to save a file it opens up the windows to browse files again and lets me choose a location and name. I hit save and the browse windows closes. Then, when I go to look for the file it doesn't exist.

Any suggestions?

UPDATE: Part of my problem has been solved. I can now open existing files. I just have to go directly to the file, right click, and "open with" the program. I still cannot save new files however.