View Full Version : [ubuntu] Upgrading several versions

October 8th, 2012, 01:37 AM
A theoretical question:

Let's say I stay on 12.04 until 13.04 comes out.
Will I have to upgrade from 12.04 to 12.10, and then to 13.04, or could I directly upgrade to 13.04?

Bucky Ball
October 8th, 2012, 01:42 AM
You will need to go 12.10>13.04. 12.04 LTS is a long-term support release, though, and supported until April 2017.

You can only upgrade to the next release OR from LTS to LTS (10.04 LTS directly to 12.04 LTS for instance).

October 8th, 2012, 01:44 AM
Ah, that makes sense. Thanks :D