View Full Version : [ubuntu] Hope for RAID controllers / GIGABYTE?

October 7th, 2012, 04:07 PM
Hardware manufacturers are making it very difficult to run older versions of Windows, so I've been contemplating Linux / Wine for some time.

I'm no programmer, but years ago I worked with some folks on making a light slackware based distro minimizing bloat for legacy IBM micro channel architecture computers, including the FVWM95 window manager and other little built-in crutches. It all actually worked well.

Time has passed and now I can't even remember how to do a mount point, so I'm considering something easy.

I have a couple of GIGABYTE mainboards (GIGABYTE 880GA-UD3H) that support BULLDOZER and I'm planning to use a RAID controller (MegaRAID SAS 9260-16i) which has explicit support for some distros:

RHEL6, RHEL 6.1 , RHEL 6.2;
SLES10SP2 32bit; SLES10SP2 64bit;
SLES10SP3 32bit; SLES10SP3 64bit;
SLES10SP4 32bit; SLES10SP4 64 bit;
SLES11 32bit SLES11 64bit;
SLES11SP1 32bit; SLES11SP1 64bit;
SLES11SP2 32bit; SLES11SP2 64bit;
SLES9SP2 32bit; SLES9SP2 64bit;
SLES9SP3 32bit; SLES9SP3 64bit;
SLES9SP4 32bit; SLES9SP4 64bit;
XEN server 5.5, 5.6, 5.6fp1, 6.0;
OEL 5, OEL 6 & UEK 6, OVM 3.02, OVM 3.03

So after the big preamble, I have some basic questions:

In general, can a raid driver from one distro be made to work with another?

I'd seen some product reviewers suggesting that they were using my mainboards with Ubuntu. I downloaded these ATI drivers ...


And I don't know if these are both drivers that would cover the HD 4250 video, and other stuff, like the 880G northbridge and the 850SB, or if I need still other drivers for those.

The most basic questions:

Is Ubuntu for me?

Does Ubuntu = megabloat? Is there any way to make it reasonably light and still have good window and package managers?

Finally: If I give this a try, is there a place on this forum where it's appropriate to offer $$ for some installation handholding? I'll gladly part with some bux to speed the process and reduce my anxiety factor.

Many thanks in advance.