View Full Version : [ubuntu] GUI for changing date of files

October 6th, 2012, 03:01 PM
Is there a GUI for changing dates of files? My camera is screwed up and so the dates are always wrong. I couldn't find anything except terminal commands on google.

Frogs Hair
October 6th, 2012, 05:03 PM
There is an option in Shotwell to change photo meta data and add tags. When the photo has been imported to the Shotwell library, select library, select the photo and go to Edit > Preferences on the application menu .

When the dialog box opens there is a change/write Meta Data option under the library tab that you will want to check.

Selecting the folder the photo is stored on the left pane of Shotwell will display that folders contents.

Then you can right click on the individual photo and change the event date.

The problem I see with this is that if you do a bulk import the date on the folder on the left pane of Shotwell will reflect the the incorrect date tagged by your camera.

October 6th, 2012, 06:05 PM
I went through all the shotwell menus and have no import to library. I do have an adjust date but when I picked a sept date instead it changed the date to today.I am attaching screenshots of all the menus